What makes takos, takos

The Art Of Creation

I see creation as a way to bring our imaginations into existence. There are so many ways to create. Create is to produce, design, make, build and so forth. Everything in the world stems from “creating”. That’s what makes it so meaningful.


To craft is to master the skill in
making things especially with hand. For me, however, craftsmanship is more about the spirit in making stuff. Craftmanship enables creative expression. Crafting is most often a tactile process, and it can be messy, and time consuming.But, it can also train your patience and ability to create more.


I am a very hands-on person. The table in my studio? It’s from hours of researching, trial and errors, and sketching! To be curious and adventurous – this is the idea behind all of my work, creations, and in just everything I do. After all, you’ll never know what you can do if you don’t try and experiment.

  • Mustard

    Mustard, to me, is one of the happiest colours. It is the colour of sunshine, courage, and happiness! I find this colour extremely intriguing, compelling - a breath of fresh air as it emits a youthful and fresh energy. Every time I see mustard, I feel warm and happy.
  • Sun

    There is much beauty when it comes to this glowy celestial being. I see the sun not only as a source of heat and light, but also brightening this world we live in. Whenever I see the sun, I see light, hope, and magic. Also, it somehow looks like an egg yolk to me at times!
  • People

    I am fascinated by the beauty in people and the stories they share. Each and every individual has their own story, their own journey - and this is what makes us who we are, There are so many possibilities in people, so many inspirations! This is why I have a soft spot for portrait embroideries.
    portrait drawing 
  • Beauty in Simplicity

    There is beauty in simple and uncomplicated designs - this is the idea behind 'shibui.' This aesthetic opens our eyes to the beauty of real life, the everyday miracles of nature. I get a sort of profound, unassuming, quiet feeling. It is unobtrusive and unostentatious. I would love to emit this source of comfort with my works, and into your lives.
  • Egg

    Eggs are such a joy! I love the vibrant colour of the yolk - especially when it's a nice bright yet muted shade of yellow - and the egg whites's shape changes almost every time. To me, it also shows the many possibilities of imagination: how the core idea (that is bright yolk) can be framed and presented (by the egg white) in various interesting ways and shapes.
  • Mother Nature

    Look deep into and immerse yourself in nature, and you will understand everything better. A sense of content - that less is more. Nature also a free healing medication: when I head to one of Mother Earth's treasure troves, I feel refreshed and inspired. The sea side especially rejuvenates me.
  • Cat Companions

    I have three cats, named Mandu, Mojji and Bori. They are my best friends - a source of calm and comfort. Just simply watching them gives me cheerfulness! Cats are also symbolic of rebirth and resilences, and give off a sense of mystery and magic. You learn things aplenty from these feline companions.
  • Family

    Family is the most important thing in my life. I'm blessed to be able to grow up in a loving home where we support one another. I could be myself, without any stress and with lots of unconditional love by my parents. My dad, in particular, made me who I am today, and I miss him dearly.
  • Coffee

    I started drinking coffee since I was in college. At the beginning, it used to help me to stay awake as I rushed to complete my assignments. But then I started to really enjoy drinking coffee, and it is now my daily essential. That first sip is a fragrant reminder thata new day of creating is here. Funnily, I don't know how to make coffee - but I love it.