About takos

TAKOS is a lifestyle concept brand that was founded by Estee in 2016. The Malaysian craftswoman started the brand as a means to create something that can be uniquely hers.

“I find embroidery as the best way to express myself - the fine lines that carefully craft out what I want and see. And to be able to share this expression to the world. It seems fitting.” And so she picked up the skill, making a name for herself with dainty yet playful handmade embroidery and knitting products. 


“To create and grow with love, to add value and joy into your life with minimalism.”


TAKOS’ product inspiration comes from all the beautiful things around them. TAKOS is a brand that yearns for aesthetic simplicity, laced with a sort of playfulness and youth. Their desire for a simple lifestyle is expressed through comfortable and shibui-esque designs in their range of products. The idea? To design and create pieces that bring you joy and brighten your personal style, any day.

The brand has evolved throughout the years, expanding from embroidery, to knitting wearables and trinkets, and soon to other products that will become a staple in your lifestyle.


TAKOS 是一個獨立的生活良品品牌。全系列商品都是以手工刺繡/针织製作,風格偏向簡約樸實的風格。作品靈感來自於身邊美麗的事物。系列產品包括托特包, 小徽章, 手工饰品等等。