All Occasion Card – Celebrate
All Occasion Card – Celebrate

All Occasion Card – Celebrate

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Discover our special edition all occasion cards.

We love the idea of people having the time to make things together, the time to meet and talk, the time to reconnect with the world. This collection is like an antidote to modern life and isolation by inviting people to slow down, make conversation, create new narratives that are intercultural. Each card was sewn by hand over the letterpress printing, it resulted in a kind of 3D effect with tactile quality. We want this hand-embroidered letterpress card to accompany every occasion when you are liberated from your smartphone.

Crafted in collaboration with The Alphabet Press.

Paper, Printing & Finishing:
Illustrated & hand embroidered by Takos
Letterpress printed in 3 colours on 450gsm paper in Malaysia by The Alphabet Press

108mm x 148mm